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bet365 Live Betting and Streaming Guide

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Have you checked out the bet365 live betting offer? Sometimes, I want to get a feel of the game before making decisions on which team to bet on. Additional value can be found in live betting, especially if favorites fall behind early. I tried bet365’s platform and came away impressed with its comprehensive offering of live betting markets and live streaming support.

DISCLAIMER: bet365 live betting and live streaming services are only available to bet365 members. In case of live streaming, a funded bet365 account is necessary in order to watch live streams as well. bet365 live betting and live streaming are subject to geographical restrictions and bettors might not be able to access all of the offered live betting markets or live streams in some areas.

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bet365 Live Betting

bet365 Live Betting

I found that the bet365 live betting offer can be easily accessed by clicking on the In-Play menu on the main page of the sportsbook’s website. The live betting screen offers several views to choose from. A standard Overview, where current live betting matches are listed, Event View, where detailed live betting markets are shown for a selected match and Schedule, where a list of all upcoming matches is displayed. It is easy to switch between the views and focus on a single match or create parlays from multiple live matches.

I found the bet365 live experience to be one of the best I’ve seen in the industry. Besides offering a huge range of live betting markets, covering all the major sports and leagues, bet365 has coupled the live betting experience with excellent live streaming options. Minor leagues and less popular sports are covered as well.

The Cash Out option that is available with bet365 live betting is one of the most useful tools for minimizing risks and maximizing value in live betting. At any point during the match you can decide to cash out your winnings. Depending on the current result and your bet selection, the amount that will be offered by bet365 will vary. If everything is going great and you are on the way to win your bet, Cash Out offered will be quite high (although less than if you would win the bet outright). In other cases, you might be offered a chance to retrieve a part of your stake and minimize your losses that way.

All the major leagues and sports are available for live betting, as well as a number of minor leagues and less popular sports. If NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB are the type of action you are looking for you will find them represented in the offer. Beside standard live betting offers like Money Line, Over/Under on points or goals and Spread, bet365 offers more exotic live bets like guessing the Correct Score at both half time and full time, Winning Margin bets etc.

bet365 live experience

bet365 Live Streaming

Sometimes it is a real hassle to find the broadcasts of all the games I am interested in betting on. Whether it’s browsing the cable and satellite channels, or looking for PPV for certain events. Bet365 has integrated live streaming into their betting software and is now an integral part of the live betting experience.

Most of the sports on offer at bet365 are also covered by live streaming, at least the major competitions and more than a few minor ones as well. If there is a small TV icon next to a game, that means that live streaming is available for it. Bear in mind that bet365 live streaming offer depends on the market you are in, since different regions have different live streaming coverage.

All major North American sports like NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA are covered with streams. They also offer one of the best live streaming coverage of tennis in the industry. European sports like football/soccer are also well covered, all the major leagues and some of the minor ones are available as well.

The quality of live streaming is excellent and I experienced almost no issues with the connection. The resolution of streaming adjusts to your connection.

The live betting experience at bet365 is a breeze, since you can live stream games in a separate window or in the same window the live betting is taking place. This is of great convenience since you can react quickly and catch the value odds on bets. Besides the live video stream, bet365 also offer live stats in the live betting screen, to help you with making betting decisions. On top of all that, live streaming is also available on mobile devices through bet365 mobile app (see our bet365 mobile app review).

Make it a point to remember that bet365 live streaming is only available to bet365 members who either have funds in their accounts or active bets in play. Also, I want to note that you need to be logged into your account in order to watch the streams. Make sure that you either always keep some funds in the account or deposit before starting to bet on sports live. The last thing you want to do is scramble for a credit card as the match is about to start. You should be focusing on the match and your betting instead.

I hope this review of bet365 live betting and streaming gives you a nice overview of what this premium sportsbook can offer. Finding value in sports betting is not easy and punters should always look for any edge they can gain. Live betting and streaming are great tools for punters to increase their winnings and bet365 has one of the best offers around – and that’s not even mentioning the bet365 referral codeUse our referral code BETMAX365 when registering!

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